Thursday, February 4, 2010

Free Massage Give-Away!

I bought my mom a gift certificate for a one-hour massage last year for Mother's Day. She hasn't used it. So, I thought I'd put it to good use and use it as a give-away! Don't tell her, though! If she wants to use it, I will buy her another one on the sly. In the meantime, please enter my give-away! There is absolutely no obligation, no purchase necessary, etc. Just be a follower of my blog, follow me on Twitter (fitnessfunclub) and then send me an email as an entry to confirm. Each email you send will be an entry in the drawing, and I will enter you once per day (so please, no more than one than one email per day). I will draw for the prize on Thursday, February 11th at 5 pm. That way, you can either use it as a gift for Valentine's Day, or use it to pamper yourself! The massage therapist, by the way, is in Scottsdale, on the corner of Scottsdale and Shea. She is one of the best massage therapists I know, and has been one for 20 years! Her name is Karen Grant. If you want her contact information, I will be happy to pass it on.

So again, just follow my blog, follow me on Twitter, and then send me an email up to once per day until the 11th! Good luck!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Posting to the Scottsdale Leadership Blog

I was asked by Scottsdale Leadership to write a posting for their blog, after they happened to find my blog. They wanted to know how it has affected me so far. I was happy to do this! Please check it out-it went live today!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My New Year's Resolution

I went last night to my favorite sub shop (Silermine) for sandwiches for my boyfriend and me. The guy working there recognized me, even remembering that I am a fitness trainer. He asked me if I even have a New Year's Resolution... He laughed, saying I'm in shape already, and he knows I already eat healthy, so do I even need to have a Resolution? What he said really struck me. Yes, I have a New Year's Resolution. What struck me is the freedom I have in choosing one. He's right! While I can do better as far as eating and exercise, I will say, hopefully without sounding conceited, that I am happy with myself as far as diet and exercise. So, this time of year, I evaluate my life in many different areas, and try to find something to inspire me. I can choose from my spiritual life, my love life, my career, my social or community impact, my friendships...etc. I can pick from any of those areas. Yes, I think everyone has those same options, but it seems as though society dictates that if you are overweight, your New Year's Resolution is supposed to be to lose weight. While I do not support media or peer pressure being the reason for change, perhaps this could be the year that you pick some small, easy changes to have a healthier lifestyle. The weight will come off gradually and safely, and then when you hit a healthy weight for you, you will keep the weight off. Then, every single year after this for the rest of your life, you can feel the same freedom as I do right now! may be wondering, what is my resolution? Ok, I'll tell! I have been working on being a better person, in ways that make a difference-- actually make an impact on the community or world and make it a better place to be. I have made some small progress last year- I joined Scottsdale Leadership, and also just recently applied to be a Commissioner for the City of Scottsdale. So, one part is to continue this momentum, and, in addition, I resolve this year to increase my impact to animals. I volunteered last year at Liberty Wildlife for 6 months, doing their Orphan Care program. Now I'd like to focus on dogs. I am not sure just what I want to do. I am considering either volunteering at a shelter, or maybe being a foster "mom" to a dog from a shelter, helping it get over fears, anger, etc. I will look into my options and find the one that works for me. Best wishes to you and to your success with your resolution for this year!