Sunday, November 8, 2009

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

I did the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk yesterday, which was Novmeber 7th, 2009. Weather was beautiful, and there was quite a crowd. Great job to all the survivors out there! We MUST keep up with intensive research to eliminate this disease. There is just too much cancer in our world. But, the walk felt great, and my friend Carol and I finished it in pretty good time! We jogged a good amount of it in order to catch up with friends that had started a good half-hour before us. I don't usually like to run very much but I have to admit it felt good in the perfect weather; plus, we had to stop a lot because of getting stuck in the huge crowd, so we never felt bad about ourselves about having to stop because of not being in shape to continue. This morning my shins are just a little sore from that, so I am going to stretch them in order to prevent further soreness. To do that, I'll sit on the edge of a chair (being careful not to fall off!), then put one leg out straight, then lean over to reach for my toe, then press my toe down to the floor. That is a great stretch to help prevent "shin splints." I hope you will be inspired to go for a walk around your neighborhood today! You just may be surprised how nice it is to take that time for yourself and enjoy the world around you!

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